Request a Donation

The Shreveport Mudbugs are committed to positively influencing the community far beyond just the on-ice excitement. Tickets or autographed merchandise donated by the Shreveport Mudbugs must be used to raise money (i.e. auction or raffle), and not as a door prize or giveaway.

1) All requests must be received at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event being considered.

2) Please request a donation in writing on official letterhead of the organization. The letter must include:
• The organization’s charitable or educational purpose.
• The purpose or cause to be supported by the event.
• The date, time, and location of the event for which a donation is requested.
• A copy of the Internal Revenue Service letter granting the agency’s 501(c)(3) status must be attached.

3) We do not accept personal items to be mailed in or dropped off for signatures of players and/or coaches.

4) We can only provide one item per school/organization for each school calendar year (i.e. July-June)

5) We are not able to accommodate out-of-area requests due to the volume of requests we receive and the limited number of items that are available.

All donation requests will be reviewed 1-2 months before your event. The organization requesting the donation will be contacted by email, regardless of whether or not the request is approved.

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