Mudbugs Front Office


We are here for you.


Tommy Scott

President and Managing Partner

Tommy Scott has been a fan and Season Ticket Holder since year one of the Mudbugs, so much so that he decided to become an owner in 2009! Even with a bachelor’s degree in management, Scott still emphasizes that the thing that makes him most qualified for his position is his undeniable passion. As President and Managing Partner of the Mudbugs, Scott holds a lot of responsibilities for the team, but at the core of his professionalism is his love for his staff and his love for hockey.


Teri Johnson

Director of Social Media and Marketing

Teri Johnson began with the Mudbugs in 2019 as the team's intern, and has since worked her way up to becoming the Director of Social Media and Marketing. She is now the second female on staff who can drive the Zamboni! To further her skills, she is pursuing a degree in Communications with a concentration in New Media Design at Centenary College. Teri argues that she has the funniest (possibly cringiest) puns on staff!


Scott Muscutt "Musky"

General Manager

Scott Muscutt has been with the Mudbugs from the very beginning of franchise history. In fact, he was THE very FIRST Mudbugs player to sign a contract! Musky likes to say he has been with the Mudbugs since we've invented dirt! He has played, coached, and been the General Manager since the team was born in 1997. Many of our fans know Musky as the "Jack of all Trades" and they are not wrong! If you see a man making laps around the arena in a suit, there's a good chance that it is probably our GM Scott Muscutt!


Eric Tuxen

Game Operations Manager

Eric Tuxen has been with the team since our return in 2016, making this his sixth year on staff! Other than his Associates degree in Mass Communication with an additional 20 years of experience, it is Eric's creativity, adaptability, and professionalism that make him especially qualified to hold this position on staff. Eric also says a fun fact about him is that despite how much he loves the excitement of hockey, he is also a huge film geek!



Everyone's favorite mascot, the mudbug, the myth, the LEGEND...CLAWED. He has been around since the beginning of the organization in 1997. He loves to interact and dance with our fans all game long, so come down to George's Pond to meet Clawed... you might even see a hockey game in the middle of his performance!


Kimberly Jacks

Director of Ticket Sales and Mudbugs Foundation

Kimberly Jacks, also known as KJacks, is going into her 7th year on staff as a Mudbug. Over these 7 years, she has held 6 different titles, landing her the current position of Director of Ticket Sales and the Mudbugs Foundation. One of our favorite things about KJacks is her superpower; “I’m known for knowing where every single season ticket holder sits. All 1,002 of them.” …now THAT’S impressive!


Chet Yoder


Chet Yoder is working on his 6th season with the Mudbugs as the team’s Broadcaster. He gained his bachelor’s in Radio/TV Broadcasting with a minor in Broadcast Journalism from San Jose State University. After earning his degree, he bounced from SPHL hockey to minor league baseball with additional calling in multiple high school sports. These positions have shaped Chet into the voice of Mudbugs hockey. He is recognizable and a definite fan favorite!